Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Screensaver

Nice pack of quality graphics for Windows computers

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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The Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Screensaver is a series of pictures that activates when the computer becomes inactive. This is done to save energy and allow the computer to run at less intense settings while providing attractive visuals. Its use will also help to prevent image burn-in (an image that was left open for a long period of time that has become set permanently into your monitor). This helps for those nights when you happen to forget to turn off the monitor and instead leave it running until the next day.

This screensaver in particular offers a selection of pictures from the video game / television series Pokemon. The pictures chosen are selected from the Heart Gold and Soul Silver generation. These editions of the universe are the 4th in the series (IV) and are actually a rework of generation 2 (II). This allows you to view some of your old favorites of the Pokemon series with refined visuals.

Some of the Pokemon offered with this screen saver include that of the legionaries: Ho-Oh and Lugia. The male and female trainer from the video games are also present on a picture in the screensaver. Each picture is set on a background image of the world Johto. It would have been nice to see more pictures included in the package but those that are included are well done.

However, there is a catch with this screen saver. The program itself will not run on 64-bit systems. This is actually many operating systems today. The inability to use the program on 64-bit systems may greatly limit the use of the screensaver. This is one of the main limitations of the program. Hopefully 64-bit users may see a screensaver coming their way in the future.

Any Pokemon fan will be happy with this screensaver. It offers to personalize their computer with a series they enjoy. Non-fans may not be as interested in this product. Be sure to check your operating system before downloading to ensure that the program will run for you.

The pros and cons of the screensaver break down like this:


The screensaver offers some of the classic Pokemon you love.

The refined visuals make for attractive images.

The use of the screensaver will help to prevent burn-in damage to your monitor.


The operating system limitation can hold back many users from being able to download and use this screensaver.

More pictures would have improved the screensaver.

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